On the Crucifix


On the Crucifix No symbol of the Catholic faith brings greater hope and adoration than the crucifix. In the Catholic faith, the crucifix is so much more than a cross which does not depict the body of Christ on it. This is not to say that Catholics do not revere the cross as a holy […]

About Nazareth Market Store


  Are you looking for gaining back an affiliation with your religion? If you are, you should probably first of all get your hands on some relic, artifacts, holy land products, rosaries, crucifixes or statues of the Lord Jesus that will be a constant reminder for you reminding you of your religious responsibilities. And that’s […]

Create More Positive Life


  Is it Possible Creating More Positive Life? Christian Affirmations Will Help You Become A Positive Person… Full Of Confidence With More Self Esteem… Without Negative Thinking! Experienced Christians Want It and New Christians Need It… Get rid of your negative beliefs       Affirmations in agreement with God’s word A reminder of who your are in […]

How to Pray Effectively


Pray Effectively So here is what I did so you can avoid the pain and  frustration from prayers not granted! I spent the past months getting through all my entries in my prayer journals and I wrote down all the prayer pointers I could possibly find in these entries.  I have developed my own ‘approach’ to […]