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Celebrate Fathers Day with Spiritual Souvenirs

Celebrate Fathers Day with Spiritual Souvenirs

Religiously inspired and stylish products can make a wonderful gift for dad this Father’s Day. There is nothing more meaningful and valuable than a thoughtful spiritual token from the Holy land, Nazareth. From exceptionally carved wood rosaries to anointing oils and Christian bracelets, the Nazareth store caters to religious beliefs and good faith gifting. Show your loved one just how much they mean to you with our remarkable range of souvenirs.

The Nazareth Store has combined fashion, art and spirituality with a unique and striking range of accessories and works based on the Holy land. Inspire your father, grandfather, uncle or supportive figure in your life with the beauty and meaning behind each of our hand-crafted pieces.

Inspirational Father’s Day gifts will let your loved one know just how much you care about them. Providing a spiritual present is received with much blessing and appreciation. It is a thoughtful gift for Christian believers and those of little faith. Introducing dad or grandad with our special souvenirs may strengthen their beliefs and reignite an interest in spiritual practices.

If you are looking for a truthful accessory offering a gesture of support and protection, the range of Jerusalem evil eye bracelets possess great significance. In historical texts, the evil eye was responsible for poor luck and ill health. Past Jewish communities created Jewish inspired symbols as a means of protection. Jewelry pieces incorporating the eye is meant to bring great fortune and blessings to the wearer. Items including the evil eye symbol range from simple and beaded bracelets to necklaces and lucky charm key holders. The Nazareth store offers a beautifully beaded hand charm bracelet with agate crystals and evil eye beads. A variety of crafts are available to help you select a wonderfully personalized accessory for Father’s Day.

Buying a gift for Father’s Day should show your appreciation and love for the care and efforts your role model has provided in your life. Investing in a religious souvenir, inspired by the treasures and scriptures of the Holy Land presents meaning and honesty. Rather than purchase another chocolate or perfume to celebrate Father’s Day, invest in a spiritual souvenir that will last. Each time a recipient of these inspirational tokens looks at or touches the item, they are reminded of its significance and how special they are to you. Going the extra mile on such a celebratory day can leave lasting memories.

If your father or grandfather is of Christian or Catholic faith, the Nazareth Store offers a variety of gorgeous gift ideas from a hand crafted rosary to religious inspired artwork. A popular gift of faith is the large wooden beaded Catholic Jesus Cross from Jerusalem. This exceptionally designed rosary possesses solid dark wood beads of 12mm in size and a silver plated Jesus on the cross. Hand made in the Holy Land, its classic style makes it ideal to wear as a necklace or to hang as an impressive spiritual decoration on the wall. Impress your dad with a religious gift straight from Jerusalem on Father’s Day.

We offer a range of inspiring gifts from smaller keychains to pendants with zircon crystals or bracelets with gold glass bead and purple crystals. Find a symbolic spiritual token that is affordable and offers the best value. The Nazareth store specializes in the creation and shipment of handmade items of religious bases from the Holy land, Jerusalem. Our experts in the crafts incorporate every bead and pendant design with precision and dedication. Purchasing a well-crafted religious gift for Father’s Day from our store provides access to spiritual souvenirs.

A beautiful range of religious gifts to choose from allows your loved one to possess a small part of the Holy land right in the comfort of home.

If your father or grandfather is experiencing a difficult time, show your support with a true token of faith. Select a striking rose petal beaded rosary and miraculous medal or a Messianic star of David in a mother of pearl pendant to show them positivity and the power of faith. These hand carved accessories can be worn as necklaces or bracelets providing a piece of history to hold onto and remind one of their beliefs every day.

The rosary is among the most popular religious gifts available for Father’s Day. This ancient symbolic necklace or hanging adornment is the most recognizable religious items that one can find today. Its history dates back to Catholic worship with each bead representative of a decade and prayers. Described as a scriptural form of prayer, many continue to hold onto the beauty and the meaning of the rosary during times of strong faith and difficulties. The Nazareth store offers a wide range of rosaries to choose from. Whether you are looking for a more traditional wooden bead to celebrate Father’s Day or color beading with a depiction of Christ on the cross, our handmade accessories will provide splendor and absolute beauty. Created by our specialized craft team, buy your father a true piece of jewelry from the Holy land. It is a beautiful gesture, representative of exceptional faith.

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