How to Pray Effectively

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Pray Effectively

So here is what I did so you can avoid the pain and  frustration from prayers not granted!

I spent the past months getting through all my entries in my prayer journals and I wrote down all the prayer pointers I could possibly find in these entries.  I have developed my own ‘approach’ to prayer over the years and reading my prayer journals helps me to recall my thoughts and reflections on why my prayers were granted as I wanted them and why some were not.

My own prayer style works very well for me.  I have been blessed with a loving husband, close family relationships, a circle of true and trusted friends; I never had a job I didn’t enjoy; I have travelled to many countries; I have had a good academic education; and while I get sick sometimes, I am generally in good health.  I don’t have the life of the rich and famous (I never prayed to have that kind of life anyway) but I do not see myself as financially poor.

It makes sense, if my approach to prayer works for me, then it can work for you too.

I took the time to write down what I think are the ‘secrets’ to answered prayers based on what the Bible says and what I have experienced, so YOU TOO might experience the joy of having your prayers granted.


And here is the result …

INTRODUCING “Ready, Aim, Pray”, an ebook and audiobook on how to make your prayers more powerful & effective


If you don’t know my background, I am not a preacher, a counsellor, a nun, an evangelist, a Bible expert, nor a theologian.  You could say I’m just an average person who is on a continuing prayer journey and who is getting to know Her Creator better as her relationship with Him grows everyday. 

There was a time when I almost gave up on prayer. I used to pray and pray and nothing happened. Being in the field of research, I decided to ‘research’ the subject of prayer, read all the books I could find, pondered on what the Bible says about how to pray, and kept a journal of my prayer experience. I have found out that I understood the subject of prayer much better when I look at it with my heart instead of learning about it with my intellect. Eventually, I developed my own ‘prayer style’

People have different ways of praying.  What is in this e-book is how I pray.  We are all unique individuals and we communicate with God differently.  It is never my intention to ask you to duplicate what I do in my prayer life because I believe that God deals with us individually and He has a ‘custom-made’ way for each one of us to communicate with Him most effectively.  My only hope is you would gain some insights about prayer from this e-book and apply the biblical truths I will be sharing with you in ways that will work for you, given your uniqueness.

1. How to quiet your mind instantly before and during prayer

2. What is the “heart-set” (as opposed to mind-set) that you should have for your prayers to be granted

3. How a single but often neglected step will change your prayer for the better

4. Why we pray for something and sometimes get the opposite of what we asked for

5. What is the right “mix” of prayers that pleases God

6. How to tell when it’s time to stop praying and when to continue to be persistent in prayer

7. What to do to keep your faith up (8 faith boosters)

8. The ABC of Praying for Your Heart’s Desires

9. Why your prayers not answered

10. What you should do when you get distracted while praying

11. Are your prayers being heard

12. Is it ok to pray for small things

13. Why you have to ask God for things when He already knows what you need

14. How you can listen to what God is saying to you

15. Should you pray to saints

16. Is praying with others effective

18. Is intercessory prayer effective

19. Why God seem silent at times

20. Answers to specific question about the Rosary, novenas and fasting

And much more …

Once you have the answers to these questions, you will never get frustrated when your prayers are not granted because you will know why and you will know what to do so that your prayers will be granted.


Try It Now Risk Free

Here is what you will receive when you
order “Ready, Aim, Pray” TODAY!

pray the bible

“Ready, Aim, Pray” – the ebook: Available as a pdf file so you can easily read it from your computer or print it, if you wish

E book

“Ready, Aim, Pray” – the audio version:  You’ll be able to listen to it without ever having to read the ebook if you don’t want to.  It’s in an mp3 format so you can load it in your mp3 player, or burn a CD.



Least Known But Powerful Prayers to St. Joseph ($9.97 value): I personally selected a core of prayers which I use when I pray for St. Joseph’s intercession.  Not a lot of people know about these prayers and yet they are efficacious ways to merit the patronage of this wondrous saint.

But that’s not all…

I really want you to gain a lot of insights about prayer not just from me but from my favorite classic spiritual writers who has a profound influence on the way I pray today. 

So I am also throwing in the following bonus gifts worth $30. I have reformatted the text of these ebooks for easier reading:

    • Free Bonus Gift # 1: The Essentials of Prayer – written by E. M. Bounds who died in 1913, this classic book gives you an insight to prayer as it relates to the whole person, to humility, to devotion, to praise, to thanksgiving, and to other essential elements of prayer.
    • Free Bonus Gift # 2: Prayer Availeth Much – the author, Tony M. Anderson, wrote this book to stimulate a greater interest in the importance of praying without ceasing.
    • Free Bonus Gift # 3: Christ in the School of Prayer – written by Andrew Murray, this is a truly classic work on prayer which has really touched my heart.  Although the language is a bit ‘archaic’, this ebook contains a comprehensive discussion on prayer.

I know you have a question in your mind so I figured I will answer it here:

Question: How different is this ebook from all the other e-books about prayer?

Answer: First off, I would like to say there are excellent books about prayer written by well-known and respected authors.  If you really desire to have a prayer life that is pleasing to God, I sincerely recommend you buy some of them.  

As I said earlier, this is my prayer style. I don’t think it is better or worse than other ebooks out there about prayer.  It is just different. I show you a style that has worked for me and continues to work for me.


100% Money Back Guarantee!

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can’t-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, iron-clad money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you aren’t thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, just contact me within 60 days and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

What I’m saying is don’t decide now if “Ready, Aim, Pray” is right for you. Read or listen to it – RISK FREE! You have nothing to lose and a lot of money to save.  Even if you decide you want a refund, the free bonus gifts are yours to keep regardless, as a “thank you” gift from me. That means you can’t lose no matter what!



So what is it worth to have the knowledge that
unlocks the door to answered prayers?


I have thought long and hard about pricing the product. The bottom line is I want as many people as possible to have a copy and learn how to make their prayers more powerful and effective.  That’s why I decided to offer the ebook with the audio version for $27 only.  

Thank you for your site and your ebook. I am 50 years old and have spent my whole life trying to figure this all out. Your ebook makes it so easy…it could become my personal bible!

Karen Swett
Sea Cliff, NY


Why miss out on having your prayers granted?

If you have read this far you know that you need to improve your prayer life and you want your prayers granted.

We have so many things we want to do in life but we need to take the first step to start the ball rolling.  So like the Nike commercial says, just do it!

Dear Babes,

I just want to thank you for your ebook. After reading it, I realized why some of my prayers were not granted. Now I feel more confident when I pray. Itrust in God much much more now than before.

The things you said about the ‘nagging sin’ and true contrition really touched me. Thank you for your honesty.

Peter Daniels
Sydney, Australia




Yes, I want to learn how to pray effectively and experience the joy of having my prayers granted!

I understand that with this $27 purchase, I would have instant access to:


  • Ready, Aim, Pray: The Ebook (pdf format)
  • Ready, Aim, Pray: The Audio Book (mp3 format)


  • Least Known But Powerful Prayers to St. Joseph ($9.97 value)
  • The Essentials of Prayer ($10 value)
  • Prayer Availeth Much ($10 value)
  • Christ in the School of Prayer ($10 value)


Don’t Miss Out On This Incredible Offer!



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