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The Religious Gift Items at Your Doorstep

In this era of the pandemic, we all have learned the important role played by our family, loved ones, and friends in our life. But this situation also made us learn the connection we have with our faith and spirituality and how it helps us stay focused on the good aspects as well as the […]

The Importance of Catholic Items in Everyone’s Life

The religion Christianity has lots of followers across the globe, and is one of the oldest religions based on the life and teachings of Jesus. The items connected to the liturgy, holy places, symbols denoting Christian beliefs. These items have their history and importance in Bible. The Bible chapters related to the Last supper, Corinthians, […]

The Connection to Spirituality During Grieving Times

Times of grieving are the most crucial and difficult in anyone’s life. As it involves the passing away of close loved ones. This phase of life is inevitable. That’s the reason our Lord gives us many valuable teachings and guidance through his words on how to pass this phase with just good memories. The memories […]

Rosary – A Gift for Catholic Believers

Rosary is a word that always relates to Mother Mary, Jesus’ mother. The word itself is derived from Latin “rosarium” which means garland of roses or even garden of roses. The chanting of prayers with the aid of the rosary is a very common practice among Catholics. The rosary is a braided or knotted string […]

Why Gifting a Catholic Faith Item is so Touching and Important?

Gifting is considered to be the noble art at which we can show care and gratitude in a subtle yet effective manner. Usually, we gift to our loved ones, family, friends, and even colleagues. The gifting gains a more divine meaning when we gift catholic items as a token of love. Giving gifts is a […]

The Connection Between The Crucifix Cross and The Existence of Christianity

The crucifix crosses are the symbol of Christianity as the son of Lord Jesus was crucified on the cross to save humanity. Therefore, the crucifix cross holds an important role in the life of catholic believers. It’s a symbol often depicted with Jesus on it and an inscription on the top. The Nazareth store understands the spiritual […]

How Do Catholic Items Provide Us Divine Guidance?

Christianity is an ancient religion based on the teachings and life of Jesus. Lord sacrificed his only son Jesus in hope of saving humanity. The miraculous birth, journey, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Catholic belief has been observed since the 1st century in the Roman province. It is said that Christianity has approximately 2.4 billion. […]

How Does a Cross Strengthen the Catholic Community?

The sign of the cross is a primary identification that signifies that the person is catholic. The Catholics consider the crucifix as an utmost sacred item of their belief as the beginning of each prayer starts with the sign of the cross. The only son of God Jesus’ was crucified for the sins of humans […]

Why Spirituality is The Boon in The Pandemic Era?

The meaning of spirituality has been ever-expanding and changing but the true intentions of staying in the path of God and being inclined towards humanity remain the same. Nazareth store contributes towards this cause by providing catholic gift items, evil charms, crosses, and even a caring outlook for the afterlife by providing cremation urns for humans. The goal […]

Why is Catholic Rosary an Essential Part of a Catholic Believer’s Life?

Catholic rosary is a sacred braided string of beads representing the prayer to Mary as a plea to Jesus for the atonement of our sins. This is a series of chanted prayers established by Eastern Christian monks in the 3rd century. The rosary is a Latin word derived for rosarium meaning “rose garden” or “garland of rose”. […]

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