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How to Honor an Individual's Faith by Gifting a Rosary?

How to Honor an Individual’s Faith by Gifting a Rosary?

Rosary is a symbol of praying in the path of Mary and leading the path towards God. A cross bracelet or rosary is a group of beads braided split into sections of ten of five praying mysteries. These chanting prayers are a plea to Mary to guide the children of humanity to Jesus and help to […]

Why Spirituality is The Boon in The Pandemic Era?

Why Spirituality is The Boon in The Pandemic Era?

The meaning of spirituality has been ever-expanding and changing but the true intentions of staying in the path of God and being inclined towards humanity remain the same. Nazareth store contributes towards this cause by providing catholic gift items, evil charms, crosses, and even a caring outlook for the afterlife by providing cremation urns for humans. The goal […]

Jerusalem Crosses

Things You Can Buy Online From Catholic Gift Stores Like The Nazareth Store

We have become so busy that we do not have the time to go to the store and buy presents for our loved ones. We forget special occasions and hurt the feelings of our near and dear ones. Gifts are a way of showing our emotions. Giving gifts is an art because the gifts should […]


Things to keep in mind while attending a Catholic funeral

A funeral is one of the saddest events you are going ever to be a part of. In the Catholic faith, people believe that the person’s soul lives on after they have left the planet. Depending on how the person has lived their life, Catholics believe that they will go to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory. […]

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