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Deep Blue Crystal Beads Rosary Catholic Necklace Holy Soil Medal Cross

deep blue rosary

If you’ve tried all your life to feel the presence of our Lady while praying, then this is the right time for you to start praying with a rosary Praying with this deep blue crystal beads rosary necklace with holy soil medal and cross will help make the presence of our Lady more tangible. Make […]

St Benedict Rosary Deep Blue Crystal 10mm Beads Necklace Gold Plated Cross

Deep Blue Crystal 10mm Beads Rosary Necklace St Benedict

A life that is full of devotion and compassion is a life worth living, and this miraculous Saint Benedict gold plated rosary with deep blue beads beautifully celebrates such a life. The stunning deep blue beads of this rosary remind you of the queenly presence of our Lady in her mantle. Whereas, the gold touch […]

Essence Praying the Rosary


What is the Essence of Praying the Rosary? Most non-Catholics are surprised and are even frustrated that Catholics are putting a lot of emphasis on praying the rosary. They wonder why Catholics pray the rosary instead of praying straight to God. In this page, you will find several reasons why the Catholic Faith is putting […]